My Services

Professional Video Production

Event Video

We capture your events in the format you need

Whether it is to document or summarise what happened or to promote future events.

Whatever the events are about: Conferences, seminars, meetings, awards, graduation ceremonies, shows, and live music…

Filming your event have numerous advantages. Just to name a few, event filming allow your message to be delivered to your target audience, enable them to watch after the event, can be used for social media campaign and more

Interview Video

We film all kind of interviews and testimonials

From vox pop to professionally staged conversations,

Interviews are not just stand alone, but often part of promotional or explainer videos. We set interviews up as and where needed.

Interviews and video testimonials are great tools to build credibility and trust in your business.

Promo Video

We are excited about Promo Videos, as we like the creative potential.

Videos are a great tool to promote your services and products. We like to support you with the execution as well as with the development.

Boost your sales revenue with promo videos


We like to tell stories and that’s what you are doing with editing.

Every clips chosen are used to serve the story you want to communicate to your target audience.

Editing isn’t everything, but plays a major part.

Motion Graphics

We simply love the possibilities of Motion Graphics.

Motion graphics cover a wide range of applications from titles to explainer videos.  They can be a very cost efficient alternative for live action videos.


We provide awesome insights from above

Drone or aerial videography enable to capture views from different perspectives and angle that is not always possible with usual camera set ups.