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‘Rubicon or: Let’s talk about hell’ is completed

Rubicon or let's talk about hell

I would have never thought that it could take so long. Throughout the process, I was always predicting that it only takes a further 6 months to finish it. Actually, it still feels that the post-production took only 6 months.

Anyway, it is finished. A feeling of relief, freedom, even emptiness. ‘Rubicon or LTAH’ accompanied me almost every day. I know everything about it. Every shot, color, shade, most of the lines even pixels. Green became my enemy. Black was often my salvation, but still, I can say that I didn’t dream about this though. At least I cannot remember.

Now, still being in a state of sanity, the next challenge lies ahead. Is ‘Rubicon or: Let’s talk about hell’  festival fare? How to place a rather unusual independent film in the market?

The next 6 months will tell.


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