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How times can change

Flag_of_ScotlandWe’re living in wicked times. Truth that applied in the past are not true anymore. Objectives change and what might have undesirable in the past appears suddenly promising.
I realised that my position to Scottish independence has changed. In the last referendum – the last for now – I found it undesirable for Scotland, for UK – and for Europe – that Scotland leave the union. Now, it appears to be a promising proposition. Something that can be helpful. It can help to restrain the Brexiteers. It can help Europe and it can help the UK.
Who knows what the economic situation will be in one years time. The Scots will watch it carefully and they obviously decide more rationally than their English peers. A UK post Brexit might not be the safe bet as it was last time. Theresa May will need to re-think what she offers Scotland – and Europe.
Theresa May managed to make the Brexit the objective that no one dares to question. . Everyone goes in this direction now, everyone, but there is a small country up in the North. The union and democracy will have to thank Scotland.


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