Diaries, Notes and Sketches

Tate Modern currently shows ‘Diaries, Notes and Sketches’ by Jonas Mekas in one of the video installation rooms. ‘Diaries…’ is no installation, but would there be an audience that watches a 3 hour non-narrative impressionist-abstract film in a cinema?

 Jonas Mekas: 1964-1969Andy Warhol


Mekas documents his life between 1964 and 1969 on 16 mm film. It is a portrait of New York, the 60ies, politics and the art scene. One of the highlights is footage of the first Velvet Underground concert. The film doesn’t have an original soundtrack and uses music and noise often more in a juxtaposition. The film is only shown until 15 January 2017. Don’t miss it should you be in London.