BVE Show: Big change in 2020

BVE show 2019

The BVE brands themselves as the leading broadcast, production and media tech exhibition in the UK. If you make films or corporate videos, if you are in the broadcast sector, do live streaming or produce social media content, the BVE is a date in your calendar as you can get a good feeling for the technological trends.
And I went there last week on Wednesday and Thursday.

BVE moves from February to June

The exhibition date was so far in February. Now, if you go on BVE’s website they already promote their next show in 2020. It will move from February to June. From their perspective, looking ahead makes perfect sense, even though the last BVE just took place this closing week.

For those, who wonder why June and not February, it seems that last year’s blunder with unusual snow weather that deserted the exhibition halls on the last day of the event left a mark and a desire to find a place in the calendar for the exhibition where at least you don’t have to fight with the weather. They may need to compete with the nice weather instead … and with the Media Production Show with a similar target audience. The Media Production Show usually opens its gates in West London at the Olympia in mid June. The BVE is a bit broader than the Media Production Show which focuses on the creative industries, but a main proportion of BVE’s visitors come from the creative industries.

Could BVE be Europe’s Leader in Media and Entertainment?

Officially, BVE’s reasoning has nothing to do with weather or competition. They want to reinforce their position as Europe’s leading broadcast, production and media industry exhibition by becoming Europe’s launch platform for the media and entertainment sector. The NAB takes place in Las Vegas in April and they hope they can benefit from being scheduled after the NAB and get something from the hype of new products revealed at the NAB.

There could be an argument, whether May instead of June would have been better, but maybe they didn’t get a spot in the Excel Center, but this is speculation.

It is difficult to see how this will pan out. Many exhibitors with tighter budgets will have to make a decision in 2020, where they believe it is more likely to find their clients, at the BVE or Media Production Show. Even though both exhibition are free for the visitors, also the visitor will not necessarily visit both exhibitions in such short period of time as the most valuable factor in the creative industry is time itself.