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Baker Street Property Meet: Interview With Paul Oberschneide

Baker Stree Property Meet Paul Oberschneider

Baker Street W1 Property Meet: Interview With Property Investor Paul Oberschneide

Once a month, Ranjan Bhattacharya invites for a talk on property business topics at Baker Street Property Meet. This time he invited Paul Oberschneider for an interview. And, I had the privilege of shooting the interview.   

Who is Oberschneider?

 Paul Oberschneider  is an American-Estonian property developer, investor, and speaker who changed his career from a Wall Street Trader to a Property investor. If you want to know more about him, visit Wikipedia website. How this came about, he explains in the interview. It sounds like, I came, didn’t want it and I was lucky but it is one of those stories which may be co-incidental, but are still the logical result of foundations laid earlier. His story happened in Eastern Europe after the fall of the wall when free market economy was re-introduced and people who had an understanding of how it works and a preparedness for just doing it could become the winners. As a former trader he had both. He understood capitalism and just being out of work he was open to do something. Fascinating story.


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